Who We Are

Who We Are


Our Mission

TheSurvivorsClub.org (TSC) is dedicated to helping people in crisis survive and thrive. We offer trustworthy information to guide you through adversity and practical tools to encourage the support of family and friends. You can trust that everything we do is aimed at accomplishing this mission. TSC is a social enterprise that uses advertising and other revenues to deliver the highest quality information and services. TSC also directs a share of its earnings to causes that promote survivorship.

Our Team

TSC is operated by an experienced team that is committed to offering dependable, action-oriented content and fostering a supportive, responsive community. TSC’s strategic partners are leaders in business, Web development, content production, and talent assessment. TSC’s health advisory group is made up of distinguished experts and leaders in medicine, survivorship and resilience. TSC and its independent reviewers constantly monitor the site for accuracy, quality and reliability. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact us: [email protected]

Our Inspiration

The Survivors Club is made up of men, women and children who have survived and thrived in the face of adversity or who are currently confronting a life-changing crisis and are looking for information and support. TSC is also dedicated to the memory of friends and family who are gone but not forgotten. As TSC opens its doors for the first time, its founders honor and remember James Bogdanoff, an ABC News producer who died of cancer in February 2008. We also remember Sean Thomas O’Neill who died in October 2002.

Our Logo

The Survivors Club logo was inspired by interlacing designs known as Celtic knots that were created by Irish monks in the seventh century. These knots are also known as mystic or endless knots. While there are no written records explaining the symbolism, experts believe the designs suggest themes of interconnectedness, strength and eternity. Because there is no beginning or end to each knot, these symbols indicate the timeless nature of life and the spirit. Through the centuries, gifts adorned with Celtic knots were offered with wishes of longevity and good fortune. Even today, the knots are used as charms or talismans to ward off illness and adversity.

The Survivors Club symbol suggests that each of us is a strand in an infinite knot, bound together in an ever-expanding community that gives us strength and wisdom.

Privacy Policy

Privacy and trust are the twin pillars of TSC. We understand that survivorship is a very personal and private subject, and we want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible visiting our Web site and using our services. To learn more, see our Privacy Policy.