ReWalk device may offer paraplegic Floyd Morrow a chance to walk again

ReWalk device may offer paraplegic Floyd Morrow a chance to walk again

By The Survivors Club Staff
February 17, 2010

Floyd Morrow barely survived a boating accident four years ago in which his spinal cord was severed, leaving him a paraplegic, and doctors were not optimistic about his chances of ever walking again.

However, continued technological progress is offering hope that Morrow and other patients in his situation may soon be able to regain some of their mobility, according to ABC.

The news provider reports that a device called ReWalk enables wheelchair bound people with lower limb disabilities to perform a variety of movements, including standing, walking and in some cases even climbing stairs.

“It’s the greatest thing … to be able to push a button and it’s like, ‘OK, let’s go’ … cruising down the hallway,” the 62-year-old told ABC.

“It’s awesome,” he added.

According to the Travis Roy Foundation, which is dedicated to spinal cord injury research, between 250,000 – 400,000 Americans are living with this type of injury and more than 13,000 new cases are reported each year.

The Mayo Clinic suggests that individuals may reduce their risk of a spinal cord injury by driving safely; exercising caution around firearms; preventing falls, especially in children, and following safety measures when playing sports.

Another organization that can help survivors live thriving lives despite their disability is the National Spinal Cord Injury Association.