Best CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression: Top Brands Reviewed

CBD helps relieve anxiety by acting on the brain’s receptors for serotonin. If you’re looking to find relief from your own anxiety, or that of a loved one, there are many different types of CBD products available to choose from. We’ve compiled this list based on customer reviews and feedback about their results with these specific brands. Read ahead to know more!

Best CBD Oil For Anxiety (Top 5 Brands)

1. Royal CBD

What is Royal CBD Oil?

Royal CBD is one of the most reliable brands on the market for natural, high-quality CBD oils. Combining potent extracts from premium industrial hemp with pure fruit extracts, this brand produces excellent taste sensations with their products.

Royal CBD has earned its reputation as one of the best CBD oil brands by promoting sustainable agricultural practices and operating an ethical business model focused on providing affordable access to potentially life-saving cannabidiol.

Pros: The brand has an excellent selection of CBD products, with oils in five different concentrations ranging from 100mg all the way up to 1,000mg. All their products are third-party tested for purity and potency, guaranteeing that you’re getting what they promise when you opt for Royal CBD Oil.

Cons: Royal CBD does not offer trial sizes on their subscriptions. Moreover, some flavors may contain a bit too much PG/VG if you’re looking to vape them. Beyond this, their customer service can improve as well – but that’s pretty standard across all brands!

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2. Gold Bee

What is Gold Bee CBD Oil?

Gold Bee is another popular choice of CBD oils. The brand focuses on purity and potency to give you the best experience possible. If you’re having trouble with insomnia or feeling stressed, this product can do what it promises by delivering excellent results for your general well-being.

Pros: They offer an affordable range of CBD products in concentrations ranging from 250mg to 1,000mg, so there’s bound to be something perfect for your needs regardless of the situation! Their tasty 70% VG/30% PG flavors make their oils easy to vape as well.

Cons: The only downside here would be that their customer service could use some improvement – but they always respond promptly when you contact them, so it shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience!

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3. Pure Spectrum

What is Pure Spectrum CBD Oil?

If you’re looking for a good CBD oil that doesn’t overpower the natural flavor of your hemp extract, Pure Spectrum has some of the best tasting flavors on our list! This brand offers excellent products with full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes, which are sure to satisfy most users.

Pros: They offer an affordable range of CBD oils in concentrations ranging from 250mg to 1,000mg. Their customer service is also fantastic – just contact them through their live chat if you have any questions or concerns about your order.

Cons: Their higher potencies may not be suitable for vaping, so they’re probably better consumed sublingually as drops instead. All in all, though, this is a great choice for your CBD oil needs.

4. NuLeaf Naturals

What is NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil?

Though they don’t vouch for their CBD oil as healthy, it’s still the best option on the market today to deliver guaranteed results. They offer full-spectrum cannabinoids with terpenes included, so you can enjoy the natural flavors instead of having to handle harsh chemical additives.

Pros: Their products are third-party tested for potency and purity, guaranteeing that you’re getting what you pay for without any unwanted additives in your order! The pricing here is also very affordable compared to many other brands catering to customers of all income levels.

Cons: Due to legal reasons, this brand cannot ship to all states. Moreover, they don’t offer trial sizes on their subscriptions. Their customer support can also be limited at times – but do try contacting them for assistance if you have any concerns with your order!

5. CBDistillery

What is CBD Oil?

As one of the most popular choices, CBDistillery has earned its reputation as a top brand by offering guaranteed results with every purchase. The products are third-party tested for quality assurance purposes, so you can rest assured that your money isn’t going to waste when ordering from this company. This brand offers terrific pricing and deals on bulk orders too!

Pros: They offer products ranging in concentrations from 100mg to 1,000mg that is diluted into either VG or PG. They also have a super convenient live chat feature on their site, so you can get in touch with them for assistance whenever necessary!

Cons: Their flavors are rather harsh when vaped, so this product line is probably not the best option if that’s what you’re looking for! You’ll also have to factor in the shipping costs into your final price due to their remote location.

CBD Oil Benefits that Help Anxiety

One of the ways to understand how CBD oil benefits anxiety is to explore the cause of the condition. The root cause of anxiety disorder is often derived from mental or physical stress caused by natural factors, outside sources, environmental changes, and so on.

When it comes to using CBD oil for anxiety treatment, you should start with a small dosage and observe the effects carefully before increasing your intake. Also, consume this product in conjunction with other relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation, or use breathing exercises while taking these drops. This way you are able to get rid of any negative side-effects that will make it difficult for you to enjoy its benefits.

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Is CBD Legal?

CBD derived from the hemp plant is legal in all 50 states and does not require a prescription. Marijuana-derived CBD oil is only legal where it was produced and where it can be legally purchased.

What Are The Side Effects Of CBD?

CBD is one of the safest substances known to man, so there are hardly any side effects associated with this product. It is non-addictive and has no adverse effect on your body’s vital functions. CBD may cause dry mouth, lightheadedness, and changes in appetite or mood.

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How Much CBD Oil Should I Take For Anxiety?

The dosage for anxiety and other CBD oil benefits has not been set. If you’re just starting out, we advise you to begin with 1-3 drops of CBD oil and see how much is enough to help you. Also, take note of whether there are any effects on mood or sleep before increasing your intake. This way, it’ll be easier for you to determine what’s working.

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How Did Anxiety Develop?

Anxiety disorders are a group of mental health issues with extreme and overwhelming anxiety as the main symptom, but different conditions have slightly different symptoms. In most cases, the source of this condition is derived from several factors such as genetics, brain chemistry, personality, or life events/tragedies.

In all cases, when you have an excessive amount of stress hormones in your body for a long period of time, they can build up in a way that causes a chemical imbalance in the nervous system. So in addition to relieving anxiety with CBD oil, it’s also important to do things that help restore your body back to normal hormone levels. For instance – exercise regularly and maintain healthy diet habits.

What Are The Types Of Anxiety?

Panic attacks: A panic attack is an abrupt surge of overwhelming fear and anxiety that reaches a peak within minutes and will trigger severe bodily reactions.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): It occurs after you experience something extremely distressing, like war, assault, or natural disasters.

Pharmaceutical Medications For Anxiety: Cautions

Benzodiazepines: Includes drugs such as Valium, Xanax, and Klonopin. They are typically used for treating anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, or seizures. But they have many side effects, including the risk of overdose, memory loss, and depression. Also, they’re highly addictive.

Buspirone: This is a drug that’s used to treat GAD and it has a less serious side-effect profile compared with benzodiazepines. However, there is no conclusive evidence that buspirone is effective in the treatment of panic disorder.

Antidepressants: Some antidepressants, such as Paxil (paroxetine) and Zoloft (sertraline), can help with symptoms related to panic disorders. They can reduce the severity of symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, but they may also increase anxiety at first. SSRIs: They include Prozac (fluoxetine), Paxil (paroxetine), Celexa (citalopram), and others.

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors: This class of antidepressants includes Nardil (phenelzine) and Parnate (tranylcypromine) and is generally used when other medications haven’t worked for you or if you have another condition along with your anxiety disorder that makes it risky to take other antidepressants.

In Closing

We hope this article has helped you understand how CBD can help with anxiety. If it did, we would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! Which of these best CBD oils for anxiety have you tried?

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