Green Gelato – Cannabis Strain Information

Green Gelato is a new hybrid that has emerged on the market. The strain seems to have emerged out of nowhere. But through my in-depth research, I found Royal Queen Seeds to be the original breeder of this strain. They bred Green Gelato by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet together, creating a unique tasting cannabis hybrid with a high-quality buzz. I can safely say that this is one incredibly delicious marijuana strain!

Let’s dig deeper into this new strain.

What Is Green Gelato Strain?

Green Gelato is a hybrid strain that Royal Queen Seeds has created. The genetics for this strain are Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Green Gelato exhibits both the properties of its Indica-Dominant parents. However, it does lean more towards the Indica side in terms of effects.

What’s interesting to note about this strain is how it’s so different from its parents. Girl Scout Cookies are a viral strain worldwide, and Sunset Sherbet is equally as popular. But Green Gelato isn’t quite like either of its parental plants. It still has the taste profile of Girl Scout Cookies with a hint of sweetness from the Sunset Sherbet parent.

This is an extremely high-quality marijuana strain. The product I was given didn’t have any seeds or stems in it at all. It was so well cured that I could crumble it between my fingers without worrying about any seeds making their way out. This is a great sign.

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Aroma & Flavor

Green Gelato has been described as smelling like intense citrus when growing and curing after harvest in terms of taste and aroma.

When you break open the bud, it has a strong flavor of lemon and diesel. It’s not too intense or overwhelming, but the taste is delicious!

The smoke from Green Gelato is smooth, a bit heady, and tastes creamy and sweet with hints of vanilla or citrus, a mix of Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet.

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Green Gelato buds have a deep green color with oranges and red hairs interlaced throughout the bud structure. The bud structure itself is dense and tight, much like Sunset Sherbet would be, Or maybe even Budzilla, for that matter? Either way, it’s one of the best parts about this strain.

I would not pick it up if it was wet or had any moisture because it would stick to itself. It’s not sticky, though, just dry and very tight. The bud has an almost broken-up look to it with the frost coating and pistils.

It’s beautiful, so definitely be sure to show it off.

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Green Gelato’s Effects & Medical Benefits

It also exhibits a similar high as its parent plants but is more focused. It’s a high that will relax your body but doesn’t entirely take over. It’ll help you want to just sit back and relax in bed or on the couch.

It’s also highly efficient at treating anxiety, depression, fatigue, and insomnia. This is why I think it leans more towards the Indica properties.

The Green Gelato strain affects everyone differently, but here are some of the general effects you can expect from this cannabis strain:


While it has been described as being more focused, Green Gelato does have relaxing effects. The high starts with a euphoric head buzz that slowly melts into the body. After a while, you’ll feel a light-body Indica relaxation come over you.

It will stick you on the couch for a while, and you’ll probably want just to sit back and enjoy the experience.


If you smoke too much Green Gelato, I would expect to feel a little bit sleepy. The Indica properties come out after smoking this strain for an extended period.

It’s certainly not the most potent weed for inducing sleep, but it’ll get the job done if that’s what you’re going for.


This strain has a happy, uplifting vibe, so I was in the best mood while using it. This is because of its high THC content, plus the fact that it has a Sativa parent in Sunset Sherbet. The high will gradually make you feel up and vivacious, and then it’ll fade into happy headspace.

This is easily one of my favorite marijuana strains because of how incredible it makes me feel every time I use it!

Green Gelato: Side Effects

I didn’t experience any side effects from this strain other than the standard dry mouth and eyes. It was also easy to prevent; just be sure to use the bathroom before medicating with Green Gelato as it tends to make you have the munchies!

Not to mention, there is no dizziness or fogginess with this strain.

According to some users, it also has a psychedelic effect. This could be true due to the high THC content. However, I didn’t experience that. It gives you a euphoric feeling, but it wasn’t psychedelic for me.

Green Gelato: Growing Information

This is not my favorite part of the Green Gelato marijuana strain because it’s challenging to grow. Plus, it’s impossible to find its seeds.

This strain requires constant heat at around 76 degrees on the Queen Royal Seeds site because it’s not very resistant to cold. Plus, it’s susceptible to mold because the buds are so dense and moist.

It also requires many nutrients during vegetative growth, which could be problematic for some beginners who don’t know what they’re doing.

During the flowering phase, Green Gelato can get stretchy. This means it’s likely to turn into a bush rather than stay in the characteristic Indica structure.

If you can get past all these obstacles, Green Gelato will produce medium-large buds that are dense and covered in crystals. Plus, the nugs will be a relatively strong smell, so I recommend utilizing odor control if possible.

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THC Content

This strain averages a 19-26% THC content, making it one of the top strains for those who want to achieve a very strong high.

CBD Content

The CBD content is around 0.40-0.66%, so you’ll have a pretty high THC to CBD ratio with this strain!

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Conclusion On The Green Gelato Strain

The Green Gelato strain has a high THC level, at 24%. The high is intense and long-lasting! The effects are powerful, mellow, and relaxing. It’s not overly sedative or sleepy, but just enough to help you wind down after the day.

This may be one of the best medical marijuana strains out there due to its high THC level. Plus, users have attested that it effectively treats issues like depression, stress, and chronic pain.

As you can see, this is a pretty complicated strain to grow, and I’d only recommend it for an advanced grower. However, the effects are undeniably incredible, so that might just be worth it!

What are your thoughts on the Green Gelato Marijuana Strain? Have you tried it and had a different experience than what we’ve described here? Leave us a comment to let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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