CBD and Nicotine: Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

Everyone knows that nicotine is highly addictive and has a wide array of negative effects. It’s also extremely hard to quit, so it’s no surprise that plenty of companies advertise products that claim to help with nicotine addiction. Anti-nicotine pills are all the rage these days, but they’re not always effective. If you’d like a more natural and less dangerous alternative, you should consider CBD oil. But what do you need to know about CBD and nicotine?


You might be surprised to learn that CBD can prove instrumental in your journey to quit smoking. It not only helps overcome nicotine dependence but also mitigates withdrawal symptoms. Before we get to those, though, let’s cover the basics of CBD and nicotine.

What Makes Nicotine So Addictive? 

The answer to that question is simple: it causes our bodies to produce “feel good” hormones like dopamine. They’re what causes the natural “high” that reinforces our desire to do something, in this case — smoke. 

How Is That Related to Addiction? 

In order to understand addiction, we need to go over the above in a little more detail. As we already mentioned, when you smoke, chew, or vape a substance that contains nicotine, your brain receptors react and cause your body to produce dopamine. 


In turn, dopamine causes a feel-good sensation, which reduces stress and helps you relax. Nicotine’s effect is, however, short-lived, so we chase that “high” again and again. It’s easy to see how that habit might grow into an addiction. 


What makes nicotine even more addictive is the fact that our brain receptors can become “accustomed” to nicotine intake. If you form a habit of smoking after meals or immediately after waking up, for example, your brain receptors start expecting nicotine at that time. If you fail to supply it, you may experience mild to serious nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

How Can CBD Help With Nicotine Addiction?

Although research on this subject is still in its infancy, there are studies that prove that CBD’s anti-psychosis and antidepressant properties can help with addiction. 


Additionally, preliminary research on how CBD helps with nicotine addiction shows that people smoked 40% fewer cigarettes when they used CBD whenever they got the urge to smoke. More recent research proves that smokers had an easier time refraining from nicotine after taking CBD. The same research suggests that CBD mitigates the effects of nicotine withdrawal. 


What might be the reason behind that? Well, for starters, CBD has anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties that give us the same “relaxed” feeling as nicotine. The difference between CBD and nicotine is that the former is not addictive or bad for your health. 

A Word of Caution

Before taking CBD, you should consult a physician with cannabis knowledge, especially if: 

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You suffer from a medical condition or are on other medication.


The Best CBD Products to Help With Nicotine Addiction 

  1. Royal CBD Full Spectrum Oil

First on our list is Royal CBD’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil. It’s potent enough to help you relax and improve your sleep without being too overbearing. That, along with its mild, natural taste, makes it perfect for first-timers. With this product, you get similar effects to nicotine, with none of the drawbacks. 

  1. Gold Bee CBD Gummies

If smoking makes you hungry (or you’re trying to quit smoking by snacking on something instead), this one’s for you. The Gold Bee Vegan CBD Gummies are the best and most delicious weapon against nicotine addiction. What’s more, they are 100% vegan and are sourced from farm-grown, non-GMO hemp. They are also discreet and portable enough that you can take them pretty much anywhere. 

  1. NuLife CBD Softgel Capsule

The NuLife CBD Full Spectrum CBD Softgel Capsules are a convenient way to keep the urge to smoke at bay whenever it strikes. They are extracted from 100% organic hemp, and each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD. Their packaging makes them extremely convenient, as you don’t need to worry about dosage or the bottle leaking. 

  1. Gold Bee CBD Honey Sticks

Here’s another one for all the smokers with a sweet tooth out there. Gold Bee’s CBD Honey Sticks combine the healing power of CBD with the sweet taste of honey. Like all of the company’s products, these CBD honey sticks contain only 100% organic hemp and pure Brazilian rainforest honey. In addition to helping with nicotine addiction, the sticks are also great antioxidants and immunity boosters. 

  1. Pure Kana Mint CBD Oil

If honey’s sweet taste is not your thing, this product might be more to your liking. The Pure Kana Mint CBD Oil is made from organic, pesticide-free hemp, and is manufactured without using chemical solvents. For every ½ dropper, you get 25 mg CBD, and it comes in a 1000 mg bottle. Its rich, minty taste makes it the perfect addition to any beverage, though it also tastes great on its own.  

In Conclusion

As any smoker can confirm, quitting is extremely difficult. It’s certainly not impossible, though! And while most “anti-smoking” pills are little more than a marketing gimmick, there are some products that can help. CBD is a great natural alternative to nicotine — and a non-addictive one to boot. Now that you know everything you need to know about CBD and nicotine, it’s time to start your smoke-free journey. 


Finding The Right CBD Dosage: How Much Is Too Much?

You’ve just discovered the world of CBD and bought your first CBD oil. But even after searching through dozens of pages online, you’re still not sure what the right CBD dosage for you is. 


So how much should you take, and how much is too much? Below we’ve gathered all the information you need to know, and some additional tips on how to choose the right concentration of CBD for you. 

What Is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is an ingredient found in hemp and marijuana that has been getting increasingly more popular in the past few years. Although it is found in those plants which are mostly viewed as recreational drugs, CBD is non-psychoactive. Furthermore, it has proven health benefits, which have only boosted its recognition. 


Here are a few of the benefits of CBD:


  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Helping with insomnia
  • Relieving pain
  • Help managing cancer symptoms
  • Improving circulation


But that’s not everything. There are many scientific experiments which prove that it can also help with acne or even help with certain mental disorders (such as ADHD). 

Finding the Right CBD Dosage and Concentration 

There are many companies that produce CBD nowadays. You can find a wide variety of CBD products, including gummies, pills, capsules and oil. If you have a preferred method to take the CBD, you should opt for that. The most important part is figuring out the dosage.


For instance, CBD pills, gummies and capsules have the dosage per serving written on the packaging. For these you don’t have to make any calculations, just take the recommended serving. That might be one or two pills, capsules or gummies per day ― you should find all the information on the packaging. 


But, if you want to opt for the oil, it’s a little bit more complicated. Most CBD oils come in a dropper bottle, and their packaging will tell you the total dosage of CBD per bottle. If you want to keep a constant dose, you need to calculate how many drops you want to take. Since a single drop is about 0.05ml, you might need several drops to get the desired amount. 

What’s the Right CBD Dosage for Me? 

Some of the factors to take into consideration before choosing a dosage and concentration are: 


  • Your age
  • What you are using it for (what condition you want to treat)
  • Your weight
  • Your metabolism


So, it’s not that simple. There is no recommended dosage written in stone, as each human is different. The best way to find out the right CBD dosage for you is to talk to your doctor. They will tell you everything that you need to know and help you pick the right concentration. For instance, you could think that you need 5000mg CBD oil, but your doctor might tell you that 3000mg CBD is fine. 


If your doctor can’t help, you can figure out the right dosage by yourself too. The easiest way is to start with a drop or two and slowly increase the dose, until you get the result you want. Also, don’t start with the highest concentration right away. Choose something lighter — if you need to, you can buy a more concentrated product later. 

Which CBD Producer Should I Choose?

Gold Bee has some of the best CBD products for beginners. If you’re looking for oils, gummies or even CBD honey sticks to replace your snacks, you should check them out. 


But if you are looking for some of the best quality CBD products on the market, you should visit Royal CBD’s website. They not only have great products for humans, but also amazing treats for your dog. 

Can Children Take CBD?

Although CBD is safe to use for adults, not many tests have been done to show its effects on children. It could help in certain cases of autism or hyperactivity, but even so, I wouldn’t recommend giving it to your children. 

CBD for Pets – Is It Safe?

You know that CBD is safe for humans, but is it ok to give it to your furry friend? The short answer is yes. There are products specifically designed for pets, and they have the same effects that they have on us. The only difference is that the CBD treats and oils for pets have less THC than the ones for humans. 


If you want to give CBD to your pet you could opt for some delicious CBD treats, or even oils. I suggest going for treats, like the ones from MediPets. It’s much easier for your pet to eat a tasty bacon CBD treat than a few drops of oil. 


Best CBD Oil for Kids: Using CBD for Children

If your child is ill, you know how frustrating it can be to watch them hurt and not be able to do anything to help them. You’d try just about everything to make them feel better. One of the promising new treatments for many ailments children face is CBD. Although research on the subject is in its infancy, CBD shows a lot of promise in minimizing the symptoms of various ailments in children. But, what is the best CBD oil for kids?

If you decide to try including CBD oils in your child’s treatment, you should do thorough research on the dos and don’ts of CBD. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about CBD for children.

Will CBD Get Your Child High?

Most parents worry about accidentally inducing a high in their children by giving them CBD. However, the compound in cannabis that makes you high is THC. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, and therefore won’t make anyone experience a high.

When choosing the best CBD oil for kids, make sure it contains no more than 0.3% THC. By opting for a low-THC product, you can make sure your child enjoys the benefits of CBD without getting high.

Why Are Parents Giving CBD to Children?

There are plenty of conditions common in children that can benefit from CBD. Although research on the perks of CBD is still in its infancy, it shows promising results as a treatment for epilepsy, anxiety, and many other ailments. Some of the most frequent illnesses children face that can benefit from CBD are:

  • Epilepsy

Research shows that medication made from CBD is successful at controlling seizures in various forms of epilepsy. There’s even an FDA-approved medication, called Epidiolex, that contains purified CBD. This medication has shown success in the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, two rare and difficult to treat forms of epilepsy.

  • Autism

CBD can improve various symptoms of autism, according to research. After a month of use, it can improve seizures, restlessness, and temper tantrums. However, some side-effects like sleepiness and lowered appetite are common, as well.

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

There isn’t a lot of research out there on the effectiveness of CBD oil as a treatment for ADHD. However, many parents of children with this disorder claim that CBD has helped their child remarkably. Still, some report that CBD didn’t benefit their child at all. Thus, if you want to try CBD as an ADHD treatment, consult with a doctor and pay attention to your kid’s symptoms to see if they improve.

  • Anxiety

There aren’t enough studies on the efficacy of CBD oils in the treatment of anxiety in kids. However, studies done on animals and adults show that CBD does aid in anxiety treatment. Additionally, a study of a 10-year-old patient’s symptoms shows promise. The child’s PTSD symptoms, such as insomnia and anxiety, improved tremendously once they started CBD treatment.

Best CBD Oil for Kids — Top 5 Choices

1. Gold Bee

Gold Bee is the best CBD oil for kids who are picky eaters. The oil tastes like honey, so your child will surely love it. If you can’t get your kid to swallow the oil, Gold Bee also offers CBD gummies. However, at 29mg per serving, the gummies are less potent than the full-spectrum CBD oil, which serves 40mg.

2. Joy Organics

Joy Organics’ products come in four flavors — Natural, Summer Lemon, Orange Bliss, and Tranquil Mint. If you’re buying CBD oil for your kid, we suggest the orange or lemon flavors, as they are delicious, and children love them. The company uses organically-grown hemp and offers THC-free products, which makes them a great choice for children.

3. Royal CBD

RoyalCBD is so sure you’ll love its products that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Its premium CBD oils are made from GMO-free hemp that’s ethically grown in Colorado. The company offers four potencies of full-spectrum oil. Additionally, it offers CBD gummies in 10mg and 25mg varieties, and even CBD-infused dog treats.

4. CBDfx

If you are a vegan and you’re looking for the best CBD oil for kids, CBDfx is a great choice. Its products are gluten-free, solvent-free, and vegan. Additionally, it offers a wellness tincture, which contains CBG (Cannabigerol) oil in addition to CBD, and a calming tincture, with CBD and CBN (Cannabinol) oil.

5. Medterra

Medterra offers three varieties of CBD oils made of 99% pure CBD. Its broad-spectrum oil is the best CBD oil for kids if you’re trying to avoid THC, as it’s completely THC-free. Additionally, its products are all tested in a third-party lab. They also carry a full-spectrum CBD oil, although we wouldn’t advise it for kids because it contains THC.


When shopping for the best CBD oil for kids, the most important thing to keep in mind is the percentage of THC present in the oil. You should buy CBD oils with low levels of, or without THC. Additionally, pay attention to the ingredients other than CBD, make sure they are organic and GMO-free.


Best CBD Oil for Migraines: Get Rid of Headaches Naturally

Migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world, affecting one in seven people. Those suffering from severe cases should seek medical attention. However, if you suffer from a mild (yet unbearable) migraine and have a hard time finding a safe, natural, and reliable remedy, look no further. CBD oil might be what you are searching for. In this article, we will try to identify the best CBD oil for migraines.


What Is a Migraine?


A migraine is a medical condition that can cause multiple symptoms. The most commonly reported one is a pounding headache on one side of the head. However, contrary to popular belief, this pain is not the only symptom of a migraine. Furthermore, there are even rare migraine cases without a headache. Other symptoms include:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • sensitivity to light and sound
  • numbness
  • difficulty speaking
  • visual auras (impaired vision)


Migraine Causes and Risk Factors


Migraines are caused by a protein called CGRP. CGRP (or Calcitonin gene-related peptide) causes migraines when it’s released around the brain. It does so by causing inflammation in the meninges, membranes above the brain.


There are different risk factors that make a person likely to have migraines. One such factor is gender, as women are three times more likely to have migraines than men. Another important risk factor is a family history of this disease. Namely, you are more likely to get a migraine if one of your parents has suffered from one. Other risk factors include hormonal changes, age, and obesity.


How Can CBD Help?


CBD might be a perfect remedy for migraines since it fights inflammation and regulates pain at the same time. It does that by interacting with specific receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ESC). These receptors receive chemical signals from cannabinoids such as CBD and help cells respond. This response creates anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that will help you with your migraine.


How to Use CBD?


Although CBD is available in various innovative forms, CBD oil remains the most efficient way to utilize this substance. There are a few conditions every CBD oil should meet to be considered premium and healthy. It should be a full-spectrum extract made from all-natural ingredients, third-party tested, and CO2-extracted.


Guided by these conditions, we’ve made a list of the five best CBD oils for migraines. So without further ado, we present to you:


Our Top Picks for the Best CBD Oil for Migraines

1. CBDistillery 


What separates CBDistillery from the competition is the wide range of quality products and affordable prices. Their CBD oil is available in many levels of potency. In addition, their products are made from non-GMO hemp and free of artificial flavors. That’s why CBDistillery’s oil is a great choice for your migraine.


2. Royal CBD


Royal CBD is a relatively young company dedicated to producing all-natural, high-quality CBD products. They produce only two of them: CBD oil and gummies. However, what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. Royal CBD oil is a full-spectrum extract obtained using supercritical CO2. This method of extraction makes their oil both eco-friendly and safer for you.


3. Charlotte’s Web


Back in 2012, the Stanley brothers made the news when their CBD product helped a young girl, Charlotte, with her seizures. Today, their company Charlotte’s Web is one of the most trusted names in the industry. The effectiveness and quality of their oil justify that trust. They sell a variety of inexpensive CBD products that could help you fight migraines.


4. Gold Bee


A newcomer to the CBD market, Gold Bee has been gaining a lot of traction lately. They owe their popularity to innovative practices and premium products. They employ an extraction method designed to preserve most of the terpenes and cannabinoids. This approach makes Gold Bee’s oil stronger and healthier than comparable products. Not to mention it comes in honey flavor.  


5. NuLeaf Naturals


NuLeaf Naturals specialize in CBD oil products. Therefore, their assortment is much less diverse than the assortments of their competitors. However, NuLeaf Naturals’ CBD oil is what secured them a place on this list and on the top of the CBD market. Their premium, high potency, all-natural oil will certainly help you keep your migraine under control.


Final Thoughts

Migraines can be annoying and tiresome. And the conventional cures can be worse than the disease. So, if you want an all-natural, harmless, and surefire way to get rid of your problems, one of the oils from this list might be what you’re looking for. Try all of them out and decide for yourself what the best CBD oil for migraines is.